Overview | Bakery Relight™

Bakery Relight™ is a relighting and rendering suite tailored for the production of 3D feature films.

Our software has been designed from the get-go to hone the lighter's workflow. Instead of having a 3D program coupled with a separate renderer, we propose constant interactive visual feedback in the rendering engine itself.

Thanks to a fully multithreaded implementation of state-of-the-art rendering algorithms, combined with a unique caching mechanism of our own recipe, lighting iterations that would take minutes or even hours with a traditional approach can be performed in seconds.

It is composed of three main components:

  • An interactive lighting application.
  • A rendering engine.
  • A set of auxiliary tools for efficiently managing the entire lighting process:
    • Command line tools for batch processing.
    • Interactive tools for visualizing the data generated at each step of the rendering process.
    • Conversion tools from 3rd party formats (image, geometry, scene description).

Flexibility, Extensibility, Portability

The rendering engine is built around an open node-based architecture for shader definitions. The pool of shaders being extensible by design, it is extremely easy to add new lights, materials or any other shading operators (e.g, ray-traced reflection or refraction, point-cloud based indirect illumination, spot light with soft shadowing, …).

The engine architecture then allows for a highly customizable, yet seamless mix of these different illumination and shading models in the same scene.

The development cycle of Bakery Relight™ is organized as a constant back-and-forth between development of new features and testing in production environment, to ensure a perfect balance between usability and performance.

Our software is fully portable and ought to work on any operating system, with any hardware: It can run on a Windows laptop, on a Linux graphic workstation, or on a render node, with the same result guaranteed.

In addition, we leverage the full potential of multi-core architectures, through an extensively multi-threaded implementation of all our rendering engine modules.


Our software is meant to be used in a professional production environment, and for this reason we are currently focusing our resources on dealing directly with studios. If you want to evaluate it for a 30-day period, just fill the trial request form. In case you are interested in deploying Bakery Relight™ in your production pipeline, please contact us for details on our licensing policy, and don't hesitate to leave us a message for any other inquiry.