Here is what renowned lighting experts have to say about Bakery Relight™.

Creative Director at Monolith SKG (Japan), Sequence Lead on Happy Feet 2Frederic Soumagnas

   “Bakery Relight™ is a powerful platform that successfully combines high-end CG features and performance, with the best 'artist friendly' interface I have ever experienced. Any geometries, as well as light and shader parameters can be selected directly by clicking on a pixel from the rendered preview image.

Its advanced multi-caching technology allows preview renders to be computed in just a few seconds, where other renderers would take several minutes. As a render tool, we could verify at Monolith SKG that it can be easily integrated into a complex animation/lighting/rendering/compositing pipeline. Its scalability also makes it a perfect solution for studios aiming to achieve high-end full CG production.”

COO, Scrawl Studios Pte Ltd, Singapore/Scrawl Suzhou Co. Ltd, ChinaWong Chi Kong

   “Our team at Scrawl Studios has become so used to Bakery Relight™ now, that we can’t imagine working on future projects without it! In the past, it would have taken us two to three times longer to light our scenes to the amazing standard, which Relight can achieve – not to mention the additional time for rendering and compositing!

Bakery Relight™ gives us far greater control in terms of consistency and quality, and is extremely quick and easy to make amendments. We can train almost anyone to use the software, without a long familiarization period. This is great when we need to re-deploy people quickly to help out with lighting and rendering work in crunch deadline situations.”

General Manager, T-ANI Digital Image Co. Ltd, ChinaJin Liu

   “Bakery Relight™ is a really great piece of software - amazingly efficient, very controllable. It provides a smart rendering solution that is extremely useful for complicated projects. With Relight, you almost feel that you have the constant support of an invisible lighting technical director! At T-ANI, we are able to obtain the rendered results of lighting modifications within seconds, which gives our artists more time for creativity, and less time waiting for rendering. Based on the data cache of particle clouds, Relight makes full use of our hardware and dramatically increases our productivity. For us, the best part is that because of Relight, we have less expenditure on hardware. This is a key factor for many companies here in China.”

Lighting and Pipeline Lead, DQ Entertainment, Prana Studios, Tata ElxsiSivakumar Padala

   “Erwan (Maigret), Geoff (Levner) – I just wanted to thank you. The 2-day training session on Bakery Relight™, which you gave us recently was really excellent. I learned a great deal and plan to put your advice into action. The application is first-rate and the interactive lighting and shading tools in particular are invaluable for a lighting artist like myself, making it possible to produce high quality lighting on complex shots very fast.

The render engine is also extremely fast and powerful. We really enjoyed the course, which was very, very good. And the way you explained about Scatter Node and Point Clouds with examples was awesome. You allowed us to express doubts, raise questions, and participate openly in a frank discussion covering numerous sensitive topics. You are generous and inspiring speakers. Thank you again for sharing your talent and knowledge with us.”

Technical Supervisor at Lo Coloco FilmsOscar Juárez

   “Bakery Relight™ is a totally new kind of software. It doesn’t take long to realize that this is a solution, which has been specifically designed for lighting artists, giving flexibility at every iteration and making feedback sessions a breeze.

Support from The Bakery is top-notch. They put a lot of time and effort into making us feel we took the right decision going with Relight, and making our pipeline complete without worrying about moving data from our animation software, which also allowed us to increase production values without compromising budget or render times.

The final quality of our render puts us in the right spot regarding current standards and even surpasses our own expectations; we were amazed with the results we were getting in such a short time, which is very important for us given that we're working on our first project (the feature length ANA). Relight has become a ‘must have’ tool for our lighting artists. We look forward to using it on future projects and pushing the product even further.”

CG Supervisor at Hawaii Animation StudiosCalin Casian

   “Here at Hawaii Animation Studios, Bakery Relight™ allowed us to complete work on our most recent project (Dinosaur Revolution for the Discovery Channel) on schedule and with a much improved look.

Compared to the previous renderer we employed, Relight enabled us to reduce computation times drastically, improving the overall quality of our work and enabling us to iterate more quickly with the client. When your back is against the wall in terms of tight production deadlines, the speed, incredibly realistic look, and ease of use of Relight is invaluable.”

Animation Vice‐President a Cyber Group StudiosOlivier Lelardoux

   “ZOU is our new full CGI pre-school show in production (52x11'). The series is a pan-European deal with Disney due for release in 2011/2012, and is based on the books of Michel Gay (L'ECOLE DES LOISIRS éditions).

For this production we were looking for a new render solution to achieve a direct-to-DVD quality and adapted to our short series schedule and budget. After reviewing many software products, there is no doubt that Bakery Relight™ is the best choice for us.

In the past, using render effects like Global Illumination, complex reflections or volume lights was impossible for the series industry, but today with Relight, it's a reality. With the full support of the Bakery‘s team, Relight is fully integrated into our studio‘s pipeline in Paris and Suzhou (China). With the power of Relight and the talent of The Bakery, Cyber Group Studios is now ready to deliver a new quality standard of TV series.”

Lead Lighting TD (ILM, PDI/DreamWorks, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Weta Digital)Amy Christensen

   “I have worked in the visual effects and animation industry for 10+ years, lighting at ILM (Men in Black 2), PDI/Dreamworks (Shrek 2, Madagascar, Over the Hedge), Sony Imageworks (Surf's Up, I am Legend, Speed Racer) and The Bakery.

At Sony, I discovered my lighting was not done in the lighting software but in the composting software because that was where I would get the quicker turn around. Many hours were wasted waiting on the lighting software, waiting on interactive renders, waiting on recomputing shadows, waiting on the geometry to update.

Bakery Relight™, the lighting software at The Bakery, has software and tools that allow me to work quickly and interactively, I don't wait around to see my lighting changes or for shadows to recompute or for geometry to load.

With this way of lighting I find that I can work on quite a few shots in a day and get a very quick turn around, where as at past studios my days would be slow, long and waiting for the tools. I would "hack" something together at the last minute because we didn't have the time to wait for another render. The quality of the work would go down just to stay within budget and on schedule.

I would love to take Bakery Relight™ with me to whatever studio I work for. I honestly can say that I enjoy my days when I work in a software, like Bakery Relight™, that allows me to light not "hack".”

Lead Surfacing TD (Disney, Weta Digital, Sony Pictures Imageworks)Darren Bedwell

   “While working for The Bakery I had the pleasure of using the in house lighting and rendering software: Bakery Relight™.

In the past ten years as a texture and look development artist I've worked at many large companies on big productions such as Disney's Dinosaur, Weta's Lord of the Rings, Imageworks' Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, Beowulf, Spiderman II and III to name a few.

Bakery Relight™ is hands down the fastest, most efficient lighting and rendering software I've ever encountered. I was able to do dozens of iterations in the same time it normally takes me to do a few. The speed of iterating is fundamentally important to shader and look development.

The speed and turn around time of the iteration process is the key to high quality work in production. The more opportunities an artist has to render, tweak and change in a given time period the better the quality of the image. It often takes many, small tweaks to dozens of parameters to get the look dialed in just right. Every tweak means a new render.

With Bakery Relight™ I was able to make scores of changes to shaders and lights without having to re-raster because the software is integrated and built around the concept of a deep file. Once a frame is baked there is no need to raster again. Bakery Relight™ gives every possible advantage to the artist to finish his or her work with the best results in the shortest amount of time.

I don't look forward to going to other studios without similar technology. Once you've used it you don't want to use anything else!”

Lead Lighting TD (PDI/DreamWorks, Weta Digital, Dwarf Labs)Olivier Pinol

   “I have been working with The Bakery's tools for few months now, and simply put: it's the bomb!

I just spent one year working long hours on James Cameron's Avatar and my first reaction using Bakery Relight™ was: I wish I had this tool on the show, it would have saved me an awful lot of time and helped me focus on the artistic part.

Being able to tweak interactively a final render is IMHO what any lighter would dream of… and now this dream has come true! Clearly, I've never come across such an efficient lighting tool for visual development.

As part of my lighting training program at Dwarf Labs, I also found out that teaching lighting using Bakery Relight™ made it super easy for my students to grasp even advanced concepts, and they were able to develop very complex lighting rigs in no time, thanks in no small part to the constant interactive feedback.

This is without a doubt the most advanced and complete lighting software I've ever used. I can think of one serious drawback though… Bakery Relight™ is so fast, I don't have time for cigarette breaks anymore! :)”